Saturday, November 11, 2023

Why do always want more? A perspective on “life balance”

Why do we always tend to want more and the grass seems a bit greener on the other side?

A bigger house? A better car? A better job? A better life? More travel? More freedom? More power? More status? More of something?

Part of human’s fundamental values is growth/newness in order to adapt and survive so it’s “never really seem enough”. We will always seek growth and newness at some level. The “feeling mind” doesn’t usually like to go backwards or being stagnant.  

So it’s normal. Simply hold space and defuse from that is the first step perhaps.

Balance our 3 core values of stability, connection, and growth is usually key.

Too much focus on one will come at the cost of the others.

In counseling and coaching work, this is in essence …. “life balance”.

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