Friday, September 22, 2023

What are the KPIs for life?

In counseling and coaching work, I often see folks who are too focused on the “outer KPIs” of life that they have forgotten or unconsciously neglect their “inner KPIs” leading to a lot of inner conflict or “unhappiness”.

Like in business, KPIs i.e. Key Performance Indicators, can be important measures to guide and help us achieve our goals, but using the wrong KPIs or an incomplete set of KPIs can also mislead us.

So what are the relevant “inner and outer KPIs” to consider for life?

We can start with the “outer KPIs” perhaps as these are often a bit more obvious because they are observable in the outside world.

“Outer KPIs” are things like material wealth, popularity/fame, status, power, comfortable home, nice cars, career position, appearances etc.

“Inner KPIs” are things like a sense of belonging rather than a sense of “having to fit in”, authenticity, inner harmony, self compassion, a stable sense of self, being able to live life truer to self and still making it workable in the outer world.  

A balance of both is important of course depending on one’s context.

I wonder if most of us and our patients have room for improvement here?

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