Wednesday, May 3, 2023

“Over-fusion” is a common problem underlying many mental health disorders

In counseling work, I often see the following patterns. I wonder if you see it too….

There are folks that tend to “over-fuse”with the past which then may present itself as depressed mood, regrets or PTSD flavours.

There are folks that tend to “over-fuse” with the “here and now stuff” which may manifest itself as OCD, impulsivity, or addictive type behaviours.

Then there are folks that tend to “over-fuse” with the “future stuff” which then may lead to anxiety, worry, catastrophizing, and even paranoia.

The fundamental problem with all of these manifestations is “over-fusion”.

So the main approach to help these folks is to learn and practice more experiential “un-fusing, unhooking or defusion” through better emotional literacy, mindfulness, CBT, DBT, ACT, schema therapy, EDMR, pharmacotherapy etc.

Choose whichever one is workable for the individual isn’t it?

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