Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What are the differences and commonalities between anxiety, ADHD and dissociative disorders

At a “transdiagnostic” or “process based” level, one can consider the following about anxiety, ADHD, and dissociative disorders.

Anxiety is an “excessive zooming” into feelings/thoughts around “uncertainty” leading to significant problems in one’s life.

ADHD is a lack of “sustained zooming” into certain tasks or issues that are required for a person’s context leading to incompletion of tasks and significant problems in one’s life.

Dissociative disorders are excessive “zooming out” from thoughts, feelings, identity or the external world leading to significant problems in one’s life.

The trouble is, all three can coexist making it more complex to treat. Anxiety can be a result of ADHD thinking/personality style mismatching their context/world, and dissociation can be a detachment to cope with the anxiety.

From a “transdiagnostic” or “process based” perspective, they will all need “zooming in” and “zooming out” skills.

From a medication point of view, one can consider stimulants as “zooming in” agents.

Whereas SSRI, antipsychotics, ketamine, psychedelics, medicinal cannabis are all “zooming out” agents perhaps.

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