Thursday, August 4, 2022

How to achieve a life that we truly want and value

I was given an opportunity to talk to a small group of GP Registrars in South Brisbane the other day about how to thrive in General Practice.

It’s not an easy topic, but here’s what I shared in a nutshell metaphorically speaking.

1. Know your autopilot/feeling mind. Learn how to understand it. What are the values that are driving those feelings? Know how and when to update it for your current context. It’s might be driving a lot of your life in unconscious ways.  Whatever that life is, IS what one has to put in that autopilot.  The destination i.e. the life that one wants and value is different for different people. It encapsulate “all things” about one’s life.  Family, friends, community, career, kids, hobbies, adventures etc.  It encapsulates all the domains that is of value to one’s life. 

2. Know your pilot/thinking mind. Know when to override your autopilot when it gets it wrong.

3. Step back and be your flight control/observing mind especially in times of confusion or lack of clarity. Maybe have people who you trust to be part of that “flight control”. This is “mindfulness”.

4. Make sure you look after your plane/physical body and health. If you don’t have good physical health, it’s hard to go anywhere.

So the real question is, do you know where your blindpot/s are?

Is it in 1,2,3 or 4 above?
Or maybe all of them?

Once you know, you can start to take action.

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