Sunday, January 23, 2022

Have you ever tried “negative visualization” to change your perception?

Perception is not “static” is it?

I recently went night swimming with my kids. We jumped into a “mildly” heated pool, but felt the sharpness of the cold. It was cold.

We then jumped into a non heated pool and it was predictably much colder.

But when we jumped back into the heated pool again, it felt hot.

The same for our mood perception isn’t it?

I remember a time after my exams.
A time after something bad has happened to me or my family but has resolved.
A time when I had a very serious health scare.

Remember or imagine a difficult situation in our lives. Then come back to now, and with gratitude, notice that this situation is not here with us anymore.

This is a “brain hack” of negative visualization, that can help some of us change our perception.

I wonder if you have ever tried this strategy for yourself or for your patients.  

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