Saturday, December 4, 2021

Helping our patients to go “meta” into their observing mind

When we take a more “meta-perspective” of a person’s mind, we can try and differentiate it conceptually into the feeling mind, thinking mind, and observing mind.

The feeling mind is often based on past conditioning, deep values, internal rules, and beliefs.

The thinking mind is full of thoughts, logical, but can often be influenced by the feeling mind.

The observing mind is flexible, full of curiosity and openness. It has the most clarity due to its meta-perspectives of the thinking and feeling mind.

The biggest challenge in counseling is to get people “to go meta” into their observing mind.

Without that, the feeling mind will tend to react and resist any change or challenge that is different to its “database”.

Going “meta” is often the rate limiting step. Lack of knowledge is not necessarily the key issue. 

Have you noticed that?

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