Tuesday, November 23, 2021

How to tame the feeling mind in 6 steps

It’s hard to tame the feeling mind with logic isn’t it?

Try genuine validation first, then logic.

So when an uncomfortable feeling arises, consider the following steps.  

1. Notice with curiosity. 

2. Genuine validation and acknowledgement of what is showing up.  Consider giving it a name e.g. The not good enough story, frustration, anger etc. 

3. Stay grounded and be present to prevent being “sucked in” by the feelings. Take a breath to anchor. 

4. Hold space for the feelings with curiosity, hope, care or kindness.  Hold the uncomfortable feeling like a crying baby or a pet in distress, and let that guide us. 

5.  Consider asking with curiosity what the feeling is trying to tell us.  If it’s helpful, use it to take value based actions.  If it’s not helpful, then observe it like the clouds in the sky and let it go for now.  

6.  Hold space. We don’t have to get “sucked in” by it.  We don’t have to lock it up or run away from it either.  So hold space.  

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