Saturday, September 11, 2021

Helping our patients with behavioral change at the values and beliefs level rather than just at the facts and data level

This week, I had a few consults around vaccine hesitancies and refusals. I am sure you have had them too.

When dug a bit deeper, for some of these folks, it was not really about the vaccine per se.

It was more about anti government, anti authority, anti Pharma, or anti “mainstream medicine” values and beliefs. This leads to distrust in anything we may say.

Giving these folks more facts and data may not work.

For these folks, acknowledging those values and beliefs first may be more effective at opening the doors to a better discussion about the vaccines perhaps.

It’s often hard to change behaviors through facts and data alone isn’t it? It can be awfully frustrating.

We often have to also address the underlying values and beliefs that create the feelings, thoughts, and barriers to those desired behavioral changes.

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