Thursday, September 9, 2021

Helping our patients to integrate the feeling, thinking, and the observing mind

In counseling, we can help people to identify with their 3 “different minds”.

1. The thinking mind
2. The feeling or intuitive mind
3. The observing mind

Metaphorically speaking, the thinking mind is like the astronaut/pilot.

The feeling mind is like the autopilot, and often works in unconscious/subconscious ways.

And the observing mind is like “Houston ground control”, monitoring the pilot and the ship’s autopilot from afar. 

The trouble is, for many folks, the autopilot is out of date, the pilot is tired and overworked, and the whole ship have lost communication with Houston ground control.

Part of counseling is to reconnect with “Houston”, recalculate the desired destination, update the autopilot, and help the pilot navigates the ship back on course.

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