Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Helping our patients manage their energy level for better mental health

I grew up in a family who ran a small family business.

Now I co-run a General Practice.

So what has running a practice taught me about mental health?

Our “energy” level is like the cashflow in a business. If we are running consistently at a deficit or loss, we will be in big trouble in the medium and long term range. It will inevitably lead to bankruptcy.

If we are at breakeven point or operating at a surplus, we will be able to continue with what we are doing, thrive, and have to opportunity to help others further.

So sometimes, I would get patients to write down the activities that would give them energy deficit, energy neutral, and energy surplus.

Then I would get them to reflect.

Are we consistently running at an energy loss, breakeven, or a surplus?

If we are running consistently at a loss, we will need to schedule some regular, routine activities that will move us towards breakeven/surplus. This is the one way to change the balance sheet.

So the real question is, are we running at an energy loss, neutral, or surplus?

Do we need to change our balance sheet?

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