Saturday, July 24, 2021

Helping our patients to have a “team” for their life because life is a team sport

Life is a team sport. It applies to work as well as our personal lives. It’s hard to do everything on our own isn’t it?

So how can we win or at least survive comfortably?

1. We first need to have clarity. Clarity through our ability to get the right facts, pick up the right “vibes” in our environment, remember the right facts from past experiences, and use the right “instinct”, internal “vibes” or intuition.

Once we have clarity, we need to act based on what’s effective, what makes people happy, what’s in line with our own values and principles.

Amongst all this, we have to manage our own fears and limiting beliefs, that are holding us back from moving forward.

The problem is, many of our patients don’t have a proper team to do all of the above.

A lot of counseling is to “fill in the gaps” of the above in order to stabilize, but in the long term, we try to help our patients develop their own team, and be the captain of their team.

The question is, do you have a complete team in your life?

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