Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Helping our patients work towards a life truer to their values

One of the most common regrets of the dying is not to live life true to their values and who they are.

And yet, it’s interesting to note that not many of the people I see, are in tune with their values and who they are.

I wonder why that is?

Is it upbringing?
Is it poor emotional literacy?
Is it society’s expectation that we need to live life true to our family’s or societal’s values rather than our own?

In counseling, particularly with Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT, we assist folks to define their values, and take committed actions towards a life true to their values. This may help to balance and integrate their tendency to act based on the values or approval of others.

I wonder if this is one of your strengths or weaknesses, and have you seen many folks like the above?

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