Sunday, May 30, 2021

Why a nonjudgemental approach is critical for counseling

One of the most important part of counseling is to have a “nonjudging” and compassionate entity on the other side to listen, reflect, and help one create distance between their “observing mind” and their thoughts and feelings.

Once we have space and distance with our thoughts and feelings, we can then cease to react impulsively to them, and change the narrative if required.

A computer based CBT program is pretty nonjudgemental, but with the limitation of no genuine feelings or compassion. Despite that, evidence seems to show that it can still have a good impact.

I suspect a nonjudgmental AND a compassionate human being may do much better.

However, if a non judgmental computer versus a Therapist/Doctor with great knowledge but are unable to connect/attune without judgement, then I suspect the nonjudging computer might be better.

So what’s my point?

The key ingredient to counseling is to create a nonjudging space to allow people to extrovert and create space for their thoughts and feelings, in order to process and change if required.

If that is true, then many of us are already equipped to provide that.

Isn’t that so?

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