Monday, May 24, 2021

Helping parents to help their children with mindfulness

Sometimes I would frame mindfulness as creating a healthy space between us i.e. our observing self and our minds.

It’s important to create space and distance, but not too far that the mind is not within reach (dissociation), but not too close that we get overwhelmed with our unhelpful thoughts and feelings (fusion).

At times, I would encourage parents to introduce the “my mind” or “your mind” method into the conversations with their children to create this “space”.

What’s your mind worried about rather than what are you worried about. 
If your mind has a voice, what is it saying right now?
My mind get frustrated and angry at times?
Does your mind get frustrated and angry at times?
Is your mind telling you that “not good enough” story again?

Creating space allows a slight pause before the reaction or simply to observe for information. That pause allows us to stop, process, think before we do or ignore depending on context.

Like a Satellite Navigation System, we can follow it or override it, depending on the circumstances.

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