Sunday, May 9, 2021

Helping our patients change mindsets and beliefs to change chronic unhelpful feelings

Feelings can often be fleeting and changeable from good to bad and bad to good, but at times, we can be “stuck” with a chronic unhelpful feeling.

I remember going from hating Medicine for a long time many years ago and wanting to quit, to loving Medicine again.

So how can we get unstuck from those “unwanted feelings”?

Chronic unhelpful feelings can sometimes be changed with a simple shift in mindset and with a change of a single belief.

It’s not easy of course to change mindsets or beliefs, but at times, on the right day, at right time, in the right context, a new perspective can be formed from a seed/s that were planted prior.

That aha moment where the penny drops, is what can be exciting about counseling.

It’s more like fishing or farming rather than a consistent linear process, so patience, persistence, optimism and hope, are all important ingredients.

Imagine if we can change a single belief like “I am not good enough” to something more helpful, how will that change how we feel?

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