Saturday, April 3, 2021

Helping patients to know themselves through their partner

Our partner is often the most useful “mirror” to see and find ourselves. It’s pretty important to know oneself isn’t it?

We don’t want to be a “fish out of water” due to a lack of self awareness or self understanding. 

If our partner is an introvert, it might tell us that we are more of an extrovert.

A “fixer”, “doing orientated” partner reflects a “go with the flow” person in us.

A “follow my feelings” sort of partner reflects a “follow my head” sort of person in us.  

A “zoomed in detailed” partner reflects a “zoom out bigger picture” person in us. 

A realistic, pragmatic partner reflects a dreamy goal orientated person in us.

A stability focused partner reflects a novelty and newness orientated person in us.  

An inner compass oriented partner reflects an outer compass oriented person in us.

And more.......

Don’t get too annoyed by your partner’s differences. Make space for it, acknowledge it, and use it to understand oneself is an important pursuit perhaps. 

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