Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Helping our patients learn how to urge surf

When we become super focused on a particular thought or feeling, it may create a strong urge and compulsion to act on those thoughts and feelings.

When those thoughts and feelings are helpful, we call that “passion”.

When it’s not so useful and disruptive, we call it OCD/obsessive compulsive tendencies.

So how can we “fight the urge” if it’s not useful?

There are a number of options...

1. We can try to suppress it.
2. We can find ways to distract ourselves away from the urges.
3. We can argue with it. 
4. Or we can learn to “urge surf”.

So what is “urge surfing”?

It’s a strategy where we can “zoom out” from our thoughts, feelings and urges, and notice it with curiosity and non judgement. We aim to ride it out, and at the same time, noticing our urges without acting on them. And like surfing, it also requires a degree of “grounding” ourselves in our body.

Not easy, but it can be a very useful life skill for ourselves and our patients.

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