Friday, December 4, 2020

Hope is one important ingredient for counseling to break past patterns

What are the important ingredients for counseling work?

There are lots of them, but “hope” is definitely one of them.

The problem is, how does one even cultivate hope?

1 Be more present, because when we are more present, we are less influenced by our past limiting experiences. We can then project the future from the here and now, rather than from our past experiences. We can be more creative with our solutions.

2 Keep an open mind by being aware of our unconscious incompetence.

3 Aware of our limiting beliefs and change them or defuse from them.

4 Be curious.

5 Focus on possibilities rather than just probability. Using past experiences to predict future events is a wonderful and useful function, but often at the price of outside the box thinking, creative solutions, and hope. It’s a balance of course.

Maybe that’s a good start.....

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