Thursday, November 26, 2020

Providing psycho-education for our patients around the balance between the human being vs the human doing

In counseling, psycho-education around the idea of finding the balance between the “human being” vs the “human doing” can be helpful for some folks.

“Human being” is more about being in the mindful, perceiving or defused state. Taking information in externally, and retrieving information from our memories without judgement and the urge to act. Think of it like data input for the computer through the webcam, external hard drive, the keyboard, microphone, the internet, and the internal hard drive. It simply about information gathering and giving clarity. 

“Human doing” is more about judging and “fusing” with the information we have, and taking action with it. Execution of a file in computer terms. When we judge and emotionally fuse with a piece of information, there is an urge to act. This is one way we can tell whether we are simply doing mindful perceiving or judging to act.

If we are too excessive with the human doing, and not enough of the human being and perceiving, we may become a bit “reckless”, impulsive, or ADHD like. We may be not be as effective as we would like.

If we are too much being and not enough doing, we may not adapt to our current environment around productivity.

Having the emotional literacy to recognize and understanding this better may guide us to better adapt to our environment. Action without clarity may be ineffective. Clarity without action equals no outcome. It’s a dynamic interplay. It is certainly a very difficult thing to balance, that’s for sure. 

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