Saturday, October 17, 2020

Counseling is more like farming than fixing a car

In counseling, it can often be more like farming rather than fixing a car. 

We plant the seed. Then we nurture, give nutrients, water, care, support, and hope for the right weather, the right condition for our crop to mature and ready for harvest. 

Sometimes we don’t see the harvest at all because the conditions have not been right, or a cyclone has just passed by.  So we replant the seed and repeat the process. We have a lifetime with our patients in primary care, so please, replant the seed. 

Sometimes we wait an awful long time for the crop to mature, and wonder if it ever be ready for harvest, but we do see it grow a little bit every time, when we water and take care of it. 

Sometimes we don’t see the harvest at all because one of our other farmers have taken over, but just know that WE, have planted that seed. 

Sometimes we are the one who witness the beautiful bloom and harvest, but wonder, what did we do. We didn’t plant the seed, or looked after the crop, but got all the credits. If this happens to you, please simply show gratitude, and remind the patient of all the farmers that have contributed in the past to this harvest. 

So plant the seed, look after it, have faith in the process, and be patient. 

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