Thursday, September 17, 2020

GPs and counseling go hand in hand to address biopsychosocial health

I think that GPs and counseling go hand in hand  because who else can address the bio-psycho-social all at the same time?

We can ask our patients to rate their current bio-psycho-social health out of 10. 

1 Bio/physical health out of 10

2 Psycho/emotional health out of 10

3 Social/connection with their tribe out of 10

Then we can get them to reflect on a great time in their life, and rate the bio-psycho-social out of 10 during that time. 

We then set out to close the gap. 

Maybe we can do this for ourselves too as part of self care. For our health and our patients’ health to be optimal, all of our bio-psycho-social health have to be optimal, because each domain impacts one another. 

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