Friday, August 28, 2020

Counseling tips on the importance of helping patients with shame

In General Practice, it’s very common for us to see folks with primary emotions of shame (I am bad/not good enough), which is of course associated with a sense of disconnection leading to fear/anxiety, leading to the fight/flight/freeze responses + distractions like emotional eating, which then creates more shame/disconnection. 

If we can help folks become aware, process, “zoom out”, or defuse from that shame, then it might solve a lot problems. 

So how do we that?  Through ....

  • supportive counseling and unconditional positive regard
  • compassionate reflection
  • self compassion
  • better emotional literacy and self awareness
  • defusion and “unhooking” from shame
  • taking value based actions
  • breaking the cycle above!

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