Sunday, December 29, 2019

Short video on how to help our patients who have fallen into the "Perfectionist Trap"

As a Family Doctor, I see many patients with stress as part of their overall health issues. The ones most vulnerable are the folks who have these 3 characteristics from my observation over the last 21 years of my clinical practice. They often.... 1 Have a perfectionistic nature with very, very high standards. 2 They are often very self critical rather than self reflective. (Please watch my other video on the difference between self reflective and self critical 3 They often have a fear of failure. This is a short video for raising awareness on this important issue and a chance for me to share some simples tips on how to improve this. TIPS: 1 Embrace your perfectionism and high standards BUT 2 Be self kind, self compassionate, self reflective rather than self critical 3 Approach life's failures like playing Angry Birds. The more we fail, the more we learn, and the better we get.

These are important tips for ourselves as well in the context of self care. The better our health is, the more effective we are at looking after others.

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