Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Video on TIPS for final year Medical Students on how to survive and thrive in their medical career

Doctoring can be a very stressful job and hence, being able to understand and maintain our own health and wellbeing is extremely important. We explored with a group of final year Medical Students the biopsychosocial approach to self care and how relational skills can be used to achieve better relational and social health, in order to improve our own mental and physical health. If we, as Doctors are well physically, emotionally and socially, we are going to be much more effective in looking after our patients and community. Reference: 1 5LoveLanguages by Dr Gary Chapman 2 DUMB goals vs SMART goals by Brendon Burchard 3 Acceptance Commitment Therapy 4 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 5 Emotionally Focused Therapy 6 Grant and Glueck study 7 The Gottman Institute

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