Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We asked Dr Rob from QLD to give his tips on how to get onto the GP training program

To everyone planning a career in General Practice, I hope you find this helpful:

Firstly, as the AGPT will be ended in place of another Dept of Health group, be aware that the application process may differ. However, this is how it has been recently:

It involves 3 parts:

1 Your commitment to seek a career in General Practice!!

2 Situational Judgement Test
This is as it describes. Part 1 - You will need to answer the situation provided in the most to the least likely/appropriate order. Part 2 - Choose 3 from 6 options as the most suitable.  It is not aimed at testing your clinical knowledge, but how you approach the situation in a logical, sensible and safe way.

3 Multiple Mini Interviews (different day)
Six stations, 8 minutes long. Again not so much offering your suitability in GP through testing clinical knowledge, but what you can offer to GP with reasoning of your decision of your application, skills of Dr-patient communication / interaction and any details outside the workplace which show your interest in this profession e.g. conferences and other out-of-hospital education. This to name a few.

My main point of advice would be to go into these assessments with a confident and relaxed mindset.
Think and speak clearly, confidently and logically.  Provide your answer in a constructed manner.

A classic example would be “ Why do you wish to pursue GP as a career and/or why would you be a suitable GP”

A response which the examiners expect would include “ Variation, flexibility, and allows one to have a better lifestyle”

A response they would want to hear should be unique and personalised. Focus on your past experiences and favourite aspects of medicine

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