Monday, November 25, 2013

My take on the 7 Principles of Motivational Counselling

  1. For people to take action, they need motivation and confidence.
  2. If people have low motivation, they need to be motivated rather than more knowledge or skills.
  3. If people have low confidence, then they need to be taught the knowledge and skills.
  4. For people to be motivated, there needs to be a perceived "carrot", a perceived "stick" or both.
  5. The bigger the "carrot", the bigger the "stick", the higher the motivation.
  6. If people do not have the skills, then using a bigger "stick" or "carrot" may not help.  They need to be coached the skills.
  7. The Doctor needs to have the belief that people can change so that people can believe in themselves that they have the ability to change.
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