Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mindfulness with feelings and emotions

For those with high level of stress and anxiety, one of the most common patterns we see is the inability to “hold space” for a feeling or emotion without adding further thoughts or analysis to it. Mindfulness of feelings and emotions in other words.

Fusion with feelings can lead to strong emotions. Strong emotions lead to thoughts and analysis. Thoughts and analysis lead to more emotions. More emotions lead to more thoughts and analysis. Hence, often this process can lead to significant distortion of one’s perception of things. This can be a significant factor in misunderstanding and conflict.

Mindfulness of feelings and emotions can minimize this particular problem. Feelings and emotions have "shorter half lives" if we feed it with less thoughts and analysis resulting in less “distortion”. Once we have less distortion, feelings and emotions can become a more reliable source of information.

I wonder if you can relate this pattern to the people we care for and ourselves….

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