Saturday, May 13, 2023

Finding both inner and outer success

I have seen a number of folks recently who are quite successful in terms of status, wealth, and common “outer measures” of success but are actually quite unhappy. They may struggle to understand why.

This is not uncommon is it?

But why is that?

When one find “outer success” through doing “what works in the outer world and what is of value to their audience”, one may then inadvertently move away from one’s inner principles and values.

Outer success may bring about inner failure/inner unhappiness, and inner success/doing what makes us happy may bring about outer failure.

So it’s a balancing act isn’t it in order to find both “inner and outer success”.  Reconciling and integrating the inner principles and values with the outer principles and values.  

We may need to have clarity in both directions.  

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