Saturday, April 29, 2023

Diversity within a family

I have 3 brothers.

We can be like chalk and cheese.

Two of us are into consulting work.  The other two are into “hands on stuff” rather than the “talking” type work.

Some of us are introverted. Some extroverted. Some sort of 50:50.

Some of us are very “feeling orientated”.  Some of us don’t really get feelings very well at all.

I think you know which camp I am in.

In a family, there is usually diversity in personality, thinking, emotional processing and values.  If we have reasonable emotional literacy around this, the family works well and each member complement each other much like a sport team.

Without the emotional literacy, ongoing conflict and friction may be the theme which then leads to other biopsychosocial health issues.  

I wonder if you can relate.

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