Friday, December 30, 2022

Conflict in life is inevitable so how can we manage it better

All meaningful relationships will go through the … 

1 Forming
2 Storming
3 Norming
4 Performing

A storm can be a sign of progression rather than a setback although if both parties do not have the skills or motivation to work through the storm into the norm and perform, then we have a problem.

Working through a storm will require a lot of defusion/holding space for thoughts/feelings, understanding of self and others, listening to understand rather than respond/defend, having positive regard for self and others, accepting that we are all flawed, and avoiding the trap of anger/avoidance.

Having said that, needing to know which storms to engage and which storms to run away from is also very important.

Reference: Tuchmans 4 stages of group development

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