Thursday, November 3, 2022

Pivoting hopelessness into hopefulness

I often see folks who may present with feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed.  They may be stuck in the “biopsychosocial loop” i.e. physical problems affecting emotional problems, affecting social problems, and around it goes.  

In actual fact, they may be intermittently stuck in that for years before presenting.

There’s often a feeling of hopelessness in general, BUT there may also be a feeling of hopelessness about their old ways of thinking and feeling.  

So we can use that to pivot for change.  What they see as hopelessness in their old ways can be a pivot for change towards newer more helpful ways. 

Sometimes, it’s important to help our patients during times of crisis, to defuse and reframe that in order to pivot and shift.  

What’s a crisis for our patients, can be an opportunity for us to help them pivot, shift and change for the better.  

Pivoting hopelessness in one thing into hopefulness in another. 

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