Saturday, November 26, 2022

Be kind or be nice

I often see folks who find it hard to differentiate the difference between being kind vs being nice.  

Sometimes it’s the same, and sometimes it’s not.  

They may tend  to “over please” others, and recognize that this may not be helpful at times, but the pattern tends to recur.

One can frame “kind” as more of an inner experience/inner optic.  

Whereas “nice” is more of an outer experience/outer optic.  

Being “kind” may not look “nice”, and being “nice” may not be “kind” in intent. 

Ideally, our actions are both kind and nice, but this is not always possible.  

So if our actions are coming from a place of kindness, but it may not look nice, then it may still be okay to hold space for that depending on context.  

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