Sunday, October 9, 2022

What is psychological flexibility?

I had a discussion with a number of my peers this today around psychological flexibility as defined by Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT. 

So what is psychological flexibility?

Psychological flexibility involves six core processes.

1. The ability to be present rather than too much past and future orientated.

2. The ability to have a healthy distance from our thoughts, beliefs, values, and feelings when required.

3. The ability to emotionally accept the “unfixable”, or emotionally accept what is IS right now.

4. The ability to ground in the “observing mind” rather than just in our “thinking and feeling minds”.

5. The ability to understand self, and fully accept self and our values.

6. The ability to live life true to self and our values, but still able to reconcile that with the outside world for workability.

I wonder if you can rate yourself out of 10 in the above 6 domains.

The answers may guide you further for better psychological flexibility.

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