Friday, October 7, 2022

An approach to help folks with emotional problems

I’ve seen many folks this week, young and old, who are struggling emotionally. It’s a common thing. I am sure that you are seeing the same in your consult room.

When I see them, I try to see what’s “behind the curtain/stage” rather than just “ what is shown on the stage” in front of me.

What’s the values, beliefs and internal rules that these folks have that have led them to this point?

What’s the “identity” or “persona” that they have fused/attached to or identified with, that can explain how they are reacting, feeling, thinking, and behaving?

In counseling, we try to put the spotlight on what is happening “behind the stage” in order to understand what is happening “on the stage”.

“On the stage” = external locus of evaluation/perception + external locus of control

“Behind the stage” = internal locus of evaluation/perception + internal locus of control

Without the awareness and understanding of both “behind the stage” and ”on the stage of life”, life can be pretty messy.

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