Friday, August 26, 2022

Helping our patients find both inner and outer success

I’ve seen many folks with a lot of “outer success” in terms status and financial wealth, but somehow lack the “inner success” of inner harmony and “happiness”.

Outer success doesn’t guarantee inner success, and inner success doesn’t necessarily guarantee outer success either. It’s not an easy thing to balance and integrate is it?

Sometimes, chasing the outer success, can result in inner failure.


For “outer success”, one has to focus on the external rules, principles and values, and make things workable in the outside world.

For “inner success”, one has to focus on our own inner rules, principles, and values, and follow that. 

Too much focus on one can take us away from the other.

Part of counseling is to help folks balance and integrate these two worlds.

Follow our inner rules and values but make it workable in the real world.

Make things workable in the outer world but don’t lose ourselves, who we are, and what we truly value in the process.

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