Thursday, November 11, 2021

Looking at mental health through the transdiagnostic lens

As Family Doctors, we may view mental health disorders as a “disorders”, OR an adjustment issues with excessive fight/flight/freeze, when our perceived world/environment is excessively mismatched with who we are, how we think, and our values.

“A fish out of water”=stress

DSM labels are great for validation, acknowledgment, practicality and a degree of “certainty”, but inherently, we are saying there is something wrong with the “fish”.

I think in many cases, there’s often nothing wrong with the “fish” or even the “environment”.

It is often the mismatch between the “fish” and the “environment”.

With this “transdiagnostic framework”, we can empower the person with the emotional literacy to know oneself, fully accept oneself, to educate important people in their “tribe” to understand and appreciate them, and help them find or create a life that is more congruent with who they are.

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