Sunday, October 10, 2021

How to help our patients to be less vulnerable

It’s so common to see “poor self worth” in the patients I see. I am sure that you do too.

When presented, I would get them to finish off this sentence. 

I feel significant when …….

The answers are often, when I achieve, when I can be of value to others, when I am being liked or approved by others, when I look good etc.

These are often “external measures”.

Of course, these will help us to adapt to society, but it does come at a big price. It will make us very vulnerable. We are not always in control of them.

So we can explore some “internal measures” perhaps. Try some additional measures like authenticity, well intentioned, honesty, integrity, caring, kindness, compassion, curiosity with potential to learn and grow for example.

It will make us less vulnerable.

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