Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Helping girls with ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder

It’s not uncommon for me to see women, who have moved through many years of their lives, trying to fit in, and telling themselves that’s there is something wrong with them.  They may have googled and questioned whether it can be ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

They may have a “detached personality style” since early childhood, and may have been at time “superfused” with feelings when it comes to their personal relationships.  At times, feelings can be so overwhelming that they may experience dissociative symptoms, which doesn’t help with their relationships.  They may prefer to work with objective data rather than feelings.  Feelings are too unreliable and weird, although they may “play with it” in order to fit in.  They may get on better with boys than girls.  Childhood, schooling, and being social may have been very difficult.  

It can be very hard for them to find that “somewhere in between mode” of defusion.  Not “too fused” that it’s emotionally overwhelming.  Not “too detached” that they experience dissociative symptoms. 

Giving them the emotional literacy to validate and understand their experiences may help guide acceptance, and move forward with or without a diagnosis.  

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