Tuesday, July 20, 2021

How to reconcile our belief around “I am not enough”

Self worth is an interesting thing. So many people we see suffer from the belief of “I am not good enough”, including those in our healthcare profession.

The question is, how do we measure our “self worth”?

Try and finish this sentence and the clues will be there.

I feel significant when…

If the answer is …

When I achieve
When I can help others
When I look good
When I am liked by others
When I am being approved by others

Then, these will make us vulnerable.

Try measuring our self worth through our intentions, being ourselves, authenticity, growth and learning too perhaps. Or simply hold our beliefs a little bit more lightly. Not too lightly that we don’t care. Not too tightly that we become overly obsessed with it.

It will make us less vulnerable.

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