Friday, July 23, 2021

Helping our patients change some core limiting maladaptive beliefs

Our beliefs dictate a lot of how we feel, think, perceive and react to our external world but yet, many of our patients are not aware of those underlying beliefs. Beliefs, especially the core beliefs, are often hidden in the subconscious.

When seeing patients, these are often the questions I ask in my mind?

What’s the underlying beliefs you have that have led you to this place in your life?
Do you know them?
Are they helping you adapt to your current context?
Are they adaptive or maladaptive?
Do you want to change them?

Out of the many of the unhelpful, limiting and often maladaptive beliefs, these are probably the most common culprits.

1. I am not good enough.
2. I am not likable or lovable.
3. I am only good if I achieve, be of service to others, well liked, or look good.

A large part of counseling is to acknowledge that, and shift that if that is what our patients want.

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