Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Helping our patients balance out the “polarities”

Part of counseling is to help folks become more aware of the “polarities” in our perspectives, biases, and life experiences.

1. Certainty vs uncertainty 
2. Stability vs adventure/newness/novelty  
3. Feelings vs thinking 
4. Realism vs being “very dreamy”
5. Practicality vs creativity
6. Others vs self
7. Entitlement vs self sacrifice
8. Assertiveness vs acceptance
9. Aggression vs avoidance
10. Introversion vs extroversion
11. Inner compass vs outer compass
12. Togetherness vs independence
13. And many more……

If the polarities are like a light switch, counseling is at times like helping folks to develop a dimmer control for that light switch.

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