Monday, June 7, 2021

Helping our patients to understand their personality and adapt better

The kind of folks we often see in counseling, are those with certain personality traits that are a “bit far away” from the middle of the bell curve.

Perhaps the reason behind this can framed as adjustment issues with chronic excessive stress responses.

We see those with extreme emotional personality who are extremely reactive to the feelings around them, and also their own strong emotions.

We see those with extreme logical thinking styles, and are often blamed by others to be insensitive. They may seemed more detached, and are often not in tune with their own feelings, or the feelings of others.

We see those with more rigid thinking styles and perspectives, and are unable to shift gears. They are extremely determined and at the same time, also very stubborn.

We see those with extreme goal orientation, and are super focused on effectiveness and getting things done. They may be extremely impatient, critical of others’ incompetence, hurt other people’s feelings unintentionally, and can often be misunderstood if not careful.

We see those who can’t keep still in the body or mind, jumping from one idea to the next. They may have a whole collection of unfinished projects, but can make excellent inventors or entrepreneurs.

I wonder if you can think of a few more examples.

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