Saturday, June 12, 2021

Helping our patients to hold things more lightly to resolve conflict in their lives

As Family Doctors, we see and experience conflict every working day don’t we? Both personal and in the lives of many of our patients. It’s inevitable.

In order to resolve complex issues with healthy debate, two or more parties have to hold it lightly first to discuss with openness. That’s hard because we all hold opinions and facts with different levels of tightness or lightness.

It doesn’t usually end well ….

If the problem is represented by a 3D prism, and people hold their beliefs and “filters” too tightly, the people who see it as a square think they are absolutely right.

Others think it’s a rectangle.
Some a pyramid.
Some a simple line.

The reality is, they are all wrong but together, through discussion and holding ideas and facts more lightly, the truth may become clearer.  One needs mindfulness, curiosity, openness, compassion, humbleness, and courage to do that.  It’s not easy but certainly not impossible. 

Life problems are usually three dimensional, and not simple one or two dimensional in nature.

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