Tuesday, May 25, 2021

GP passionate about counseling required for our Medical Centre in Springfield Central Ipswich/Brisbane Qld

By now, I hope you would all know that I really love DUMB goals.... You know the ones that are:


Of course DUMB goals are not bad.  It’s just a play on words. 

One of my dumbest goal is to make this world a happier, kinder, and a more emotionally literate world. Pretty dumb right?

But to climb Mt Everest, one has to make the first step towards the right direction.

So.... We are now looking for GPs who are absolutely passionate about learning how to incorporate more counseling/psychotherapy into their work with the aim to make this world a happier and kinder place.

This may suit GPs with a special interest in counseling, Registrars or new Fellows who wish to do at least a 12 months special term with us in counseling.

We are a teaching practice located in Springfield Central Ipswich/Brisbane Qld. We love to support, learn, and share knowledge. We believe that teaching and learning are always bidirectional.

If you are as dreamy as me (or more) in trying to make this world a happier and kinder place, please pm me. Love to hear from you!

Please contact us through our website’s contact page.

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