Friday, May 7, 2021

Being aware of the Karpman Drama Triangle as Health Professionals

As Health Professionals, it’s not surprising that a significant number of us are into “people” rather into “things”, although a diversity is good.

Furthermore, a significant number of us may score high in “self sacrifice schema”, where we put the needs of others first, before our own.

Both of these traits may draw us into the Karpman drama triangle as the “rescuer”. The drama triangle being made up of the perceived rescuer, the perceived victim, and the perceived persecutor.

Being a “rescuer” day in day out without the proper self care, is probably not sustainable.

So what can we do?

Consider being a “coach” instead. We can try to empower and coach people towards a life that they want to create, rather than simply “rescuing” them everytime.

It’s much less emotionally draining that way. 

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