Friday, February 19, 2021

Helping our patients to understand why mindfulness and defusion are so important for their mental health

Imagine trying to write a story without a comma, full stop, paragraphs, or chapters.

It’s amazing how much a simple pause can make a difference to the meaning of a sentence and the outcome of a story.

Likewise, when one has thoughts or feelings showing up in our minds, and we don’t have the ability to apply mindfulness and defusion in the right places for the “pause, think, before we do”, we might not get the perspective and the outcome that we want. It can lead to impulsivity, obsessive compulsive tendencies, and unwanted behaviours and drama.

A comma or full stop can be insignificant by itself, but without it, our writing may turn out very differently.

Likewise, practicing mindfulness and defusion is pretty boring by itself, but without it, the narrative in our minds can get quite distorted.

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