Monday, January 11, 2021

Picking up early signs of ASD and the importance of early intervention

Recently, I have seen a few young teenage boys and girls who have struggled with sensing the “vibe” of their surroundings and the “feelings” of their peers. This often results in them doing some “odd” and maladaptive things in the social sense. They generally have difficulties with adapting to their environment, and usually have signs of excessive chronic stress. 

If someone can’t see, we notice, acknowledge and intervene early.

If someone can’t hear, we notice, acknowledge and intervene early.

But when someone can’t sense “feelings” well, we may not notice, acknowledge or intervene early. It can go underneath the radar for a long time because it’s more “abstract” and less objective perhaps.

I think these teenage kids would have benefited from early detection, support, and intervention. There were strong signs of “something wrong” and other ASD traits from early childhood. 

Having said that, better late than never. It’s not easy. Fortunately, General Practice is a wonderful space in that we are blessed with so many opportunities to intercept and intervene.

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