Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Counseling to help our patient get “unstuck” and break out of procrastination

In counseling, we often see folks who are stuck in their decision making because they are after the “perfect solution”. Being stuck or in limbo, can often be worse than bad news. With bad news, we can accept and move forward. Being in limbo, we are stuck in uncertainty, which is very anxiety provoking.

So what is the perfect decision?

A perfect decision is one which has all the following elements.

1 It makes sense to us.
2 It is in line with our values, our conscience, and feels right” to us. 
3 It works effectively in the real world.
4 It makes everybody happy.

Follow what works may not make people happy.

Making people happy may not make things work effectively.

Doing something that make sense to us may not work in the real world.

Following our values and what feels right to us, may not work or make others happy.

It’s extremely difficult to fulfill all four, and helping our patients to focus on which element/s are most important for them, can break them out of procrastination. 

In some context, one may prioritize making others happy at the cost of inefficiency, and going against some of their values. In some context, one may prioritize one’s principles and values, at the price of making others unhappy.

It’s definitely a tough gig.  In a way, every decision we make costs something. 

Have you ever had these challenges?

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