Friday, August 14, 2020

Supportive counselling and active listening are very important and here is why......

From experience with speaking to Registrars and Colleagues, I often see that many are underestimating the power of “simple” supportive counselling and active listening.

Supportive counselling and listening do 3 very important things for people.

1 It provides them with a very important human need of connection especially if perceived as “unconditional”. When connected, less fear and anxiety, less fight or flight responses, less biopsychosocial issues.

2 Allow people to “extrovert their thoughts” in order to defuse or detach from them in order to gain more of a “zoomed out” perspective to the issues. It may not change the problem but it does change how we view it.

3 Once defused or detached or distanced from those thoughts/issues, more possibilities arise.

Please do more of supportive counselling and don’t feel as if you are doing “nothing” or “not doing much”. You are doing a lot!


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